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First time on the bike. In reality and in Emma’s mind…

19 Mar

BikerReal girl on bike with bikers


I’m getting used to the idea of having a little brother. Very useful!

18 Mar

sister standing on brother's head


Always dream big my son!

24 Feb

Baby superman


Congrats. It’s a boy.

5 Feb

Baby pees on daddy in the bath


Best friends forever

11 Jan

Kid with her dog on a pier


“Emma! It’s not a cat!!”

4 Jan

kid with a lion in the safari


“Mom… What are they doing?…”

28 Dec

Kid is looking at bugs making love


“Ahhh… Mom, Dad!!”

15 May

Couple kissing and baby falls to water

“Mom… it’s a boy! i’m going to have a brother!”

27 Apr
Baby with Stethoscope checking mom

Baby with Stethoscope checking mom


“Emma… you are supposed to help me build your pirate ship!”

4 Apr

Father and daughter building a wooden pirate ship

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